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August 12th, 2011

Soooo long no posts

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What else has happened in my world? – WEll the BIG news is I have moved countries, Helen got a job at the British International School in Phuket,so we have moved to Phuket.  Arrived here just over a week ago after a month in Australia.

I am not sure what I will be doing yet but probably helping Helen out with the swimming and teaching some pilates. My main job is looking after Tegan while Helen is working.

We have spent the week settling in and haven’t done a great deal, except goto the pool nearly everyday :-) Tegan has had amazing results with a new freind whom evidently wouldn’t put his head under the water lst week, now he’s very comfortable with his head under.  :-)

Hopefully I can get to this and Tegan’s blog a bit more and update them more often.
Will help when our shipment arrives in a couple of weeks, so I can get my computer :-)


February 25th, 2009

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Melting Ice Caps

May 20th, 2008

Met up with Andrew yesterday for Brunch.  And found out what he is upto.  He is on probably his biggest mission ever and I am 100% behind himon this one.  Most people will probably say we are mad and it will never happen, but the facts are overwhelming.  What am I talking about?

“Based on the latest satellite data cited in a December 2007 article, National Aeronautics and Space Administration(NASA) climate scientist Dr.H.J Zwally predicts that nearly ALL the ICE COULD BE GONE from the Arctic Ocean by the END of SUMMER 2012″
that is 4 years away, so unless the whole world radically changes what we are doing than we can say good bye to not just the summer ICE CAP but to …. the world as we know it.

Look at to see more.  At first reading it sounds like scare mongering but the facts speak for themselves. We have lost 50% of Arctic Ice in the past 58 years, but the loss in accelerating with the 2007 levels are 23% lower than the previous low in 2005.

So so busy

April 26th, 2008

Wow time goes by so quick, little Tegan turns 7 months next week, can’t believe it has already been 7 months.
Sorry for anyone that has been looking in here for updates.  I/She have been updating her WebSite, so ask me for the details if you would like to see her :-) .
She has been a real delight, I never realized what an absolute joy babies were (Tottaly different with your own).

I have been working very hard with the Pilates at ACS and swim coaching at SAS, It’s so nice to have a weekend this weekend, even thou I am doing a session later this afternoon, no swim meets YAY!! after doing 6 in a row, I getting tired. (or could it be the staying up till midnight on the computer every night ) We have about 4 weeks to go till the end of the season. But then thinking back to last year, we were as busy during the holidays as during the term. Especially now with the Little one.

One of these days I will get to updating this site, also Wanting to go through my past travels can read at it’s only got my Grand Canyon trip on there so far, but I will get there :-)


October 6th, 2007

WOW so long since I last posted here.

As you maybe aware my life has been pretty busy :-)

I now have a baby daughter :-) , Tegan Ann Sylvia Sweeney was born on 30th September, I have posted many pics on her  pregnancy blog and will be building her own blog for her :-) so ask me for the URL and login if want to see :-)


September 12th, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

WOW!!! 40!!
Hey Bren “Do I look 40? :-)

A nice Birthday I had, spent 2hrs with Helen at the hospital :-) getting checkup and x-ray.
Poor Helen has been not well, so my Birthday wish was for Helen to feel better and by the end of the day she was feeling so much better :-) Had lunch at the hospital, very nice noodles.

Then went to Cedele for Dinner :-) , and Borders after, Looking at baby boooks, Looking for that definitive guide to what to do :-)

Today Helen gave my other B’day Pressie that she forgot :-)
All we need now are the bangy drums :-)

Just need the bangy drums now :-)

On Sunday Helen took me out to East Coast for Breakfast :-) Had a nice Buffet Breakfast, despite me not feeling the best.

Breakfast at East Coast

So all I am waiting on now is my wish from 5yrs ago :-)

Day 2 – Singapore International Masters Swimming

August 26th, 2007

Pics will have to follow, not sure what Helenhas done with the camera.

So in yesterdays 100m Breaststroke, from being behind at the 50m I came up and finished 3rd in my Heat, beating the other 40-44yr old in my race and got the Silver medal.  I think this is my first ever medal in a swimming competition.
Official time of 1:37:96.

Today first up for us was my 50m Backstroke.  I thought ok I can swim a 39, I swam 42.03 last year.
So off I went, afterwards I told Helen I had visions of Grandeur, arms swinging and legs kick as fast as they could, I got to about 25m and was feeling like I was dieing, by the 40m mark I was looking for the flags thinking oh god how much longer, finally finishing in a time of 42.92 so no PB but close to a Heart Attack. Ok so I learnt even thou it’s 50m , still have to pace your self.

Then Helen had her 800m freestyle event, they combined the mens and womens so she was racing against the men and 1 other lady, whom she beat. She said she would lap in about 1:05, she did ~1:04′s, a time of 16:57:48, again an awesome effort and every one was quite impressed that a lady expecting in 3 weeks would come and swim in a competition.

Then my 50m Free, “ok don’t go out to Hard”. Had a good swim and clocked 37.89 a PB by .04 of a second, So I swam the fastest I have ever swam in my life so I gotta be happy with that :-) , was hoping for a 36. Charis can swim a high 32, so have to challenge Naomi or even Nathan to a race.

After two laps I am shattered, the 77 yr old guy swam in 9 events over the weekend, maybe I can be that good by the time I’m 80.

Singapore International Masters Swimming Meet

August 25th, 2007

As Helen has been swimming regulary during her pregnancy she decided she would swim in the Masters meet this weekend.  She put in for the 400m and 800m Freestyle. She has been swiming about 9-10min for a 400m so she put in a seed time of 9:40 for her 400m.  Her event was 1st event of the day and her friend from Southern Cross Dragons wasn’t there so was a bit worried about being so far behind the others and peolpe waiting 3min for her to finish.  Her swim was awesome, splitting about 1min for each 50m and a final time of 7:50:60, was just  great.

Helen about to swim the 400m freestyle

Helen starting

She started in the water, (which is allowed in Masters meets) so not to dive on top of baby :-)

Helen on her way to 1st in the 400m freestyle

Abouto to tumble turn

The Announcer had a quiz and was making a BIG thing about Helen being pregnant and having 3weeks to go and swimming.  Babies 1st swimming competition.

Helen - 4oom freestyle Singapore Internation Masters meet

 Helen 400m freesytle - Singapore masters swim meet

Helen - gold medalist in the 400m freestyle

Helen won the Womens 30-34 400m freestyle

at the Standard Chartered International Masters swimming event. 

So she is still unbeaten in Singapore, and she will win her 800m freestyle tomorrow as well.

As Helen was swimming I also entered, today I swam the 50m and 100m Breaststroke.
My time for the 50m Breaststroke – 43.49 bettered my time from last year by more than 2secs so I was very happy.
I will have to let you know my official time and place for the 100m tomorrow as we left before it was announced.  But it was about a 1:37 and Helen said she thinks I beat the other 40-44yr old guy in my heat. She said she was impressed with my swim :-)

getting ready and at the start

Geoff 100m Breaststroke

100m Breaststroke

100m Breaststroke Singapore Masters swim meet

100m Breaststroke Singapore Masters swiming meet

Smackdown came to Singapore

August 9th, 2007

On Sat 28th July, Helen and I went to the wrestling, The WWE Smackdown tour.

It was a great night, very entertaining and a great Crowd in.
My highlight was to see Kane, and such a different Kane.

Smackdown tour in Singapore

Stevie Richards

 Stevie Richards

 Kane vs Finlay

Finlay vs Kane

 Kane the Leprechaun

 Rey Mysterio - 619


 Rey Mysterio

I found a video on,

Pure Indulgence

August 5th, 2007

Pure Indulgance :-)

what better to do on a Sunday then go out to East Coast and Indulge in Icecream sundie and Waffles :-)

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