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June 10th, 2007

I think the two main things we will miss from our old house is the convience of Toa Payoh across the road and the view

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As it turned out my conspiracy theory turned to be correct.
The story we got told as why we had to move out of the house in Toa Payoh was that the owners son was getting married and was going to live there. I thought they just telling us that to get us out of the house so as to rent the place out at a higher rent.
We left the kitchen ikea shelves up as the kitchen had no storage space at all, but when we were handing over the owner said no she didn’t want them and we had to remove the units. So we cam home to get the tool kit to take it apart to remove it. We were about 3/4 the way through taking it apart when the owner came in and gestured us outside, she didn’t speak english but we got the message she wanted us out NOW We were both thinking silly lady grrrrrrr. But then as we got outside it all fell into place up came a real estate agent with a couple to view the house :-) we had caught them out in their lies.
When I went back upstairs to return the keys to her that we had forgotten about the real estate agent was leaving, I asked him how much she was asking for, he says “$2″ I found it very hard not to laugh. $2k for that she must be mad” so my conspiracy theory was correct. Makes our new place seem ever better :-) And thankfully it happened now and not in September.

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