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Whale Watching

July 16th, 2007

Monday 9th July

Went down to Augusta (an hour and a half drive) to go whale watching.
Even thou living in Bunbury have had the whales on my doorstep I have never seen them.
They are presently on their Northern Migration to the warmer waters of the north to have their babies in the warmer feeding grounds. 

Our trip was awesome, so many whales, even the tour guides sounded impressed with the amount of whales we saw and the amount of activity there was.  I think we saw it all :-) , Tails flapping, Fins waving, Noses up out of the water, and breaching.  And at times coming so close to the boat, We must have seen at least 50 whales in the 2hours we were out.

After the first 45min, when the activity was amazing, didn’t know where to look, we went out further into the bay, where the waters got rougher(even thou the boat driver said it was flat), where Helen started to feeling very queasy.  After a while started to be quite sea sick.

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